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Lost Montana Cat Found 900 miles away In Fallon

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Courtesy of: Great Falls Tribune

If only Bobby the orange tabby cat could talk. He could fill in the blanks between the time he left home in Great Falls, Montana 15 months ago. Last week, he showed up 900 miles away in the high desert east of Reno, Nevada in the town of Fallon.

Did he hop a train at the tracks across the road from his home in Electric City in search of the bright lights of The Biggest Little City in the World and play some slots? Did he want to check out Burning Man? We'll never know.

What is certain is that Bobby arrived back in Great Falls Friday night for a surprise reunion with his owner Kyle Preston, who adopted the cat just a year before it's disappearance. We know that a microchip made the reunion possible, along with a lot of generosity.

“Isn't it something that today is National (Do Something) Nice Day and it is just amazing how many people were nice today to make this happen for us,” said Carmen Preston, who brought her husband Kyle to the Great Falls airport to meet Bobby Friday night as a surprise.

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The cat was accompanied on his flight by Barb O'Malley, a Delta Airlines employee who lives in Bozeman. She learned about Bobby's story on a Great Falls Facebook group for missing pets she joined after her mom's cat went missing a year ago. (That cat returned home after three days.)

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