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Washoe County Plans Target Shooting Ban During Wildfire Season

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Earthstone Fire in 2017

The Washoe Board of County Commissioners met in July to hear an agenda item that could ban target shooting during “wildfire season.”Photo: This is Reno


If the item is passed by commissioners, a request to the District Attorney's

office will be made to draft an ordinance for consideration at a later meeting.


With the blessing of local officials, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has banned target shooting on more than 2,000 acres on Utah Lake’s western shore, where unregulated gunfire has damaged rock art, sparked fires, threatened public safety and left a spiderweb of tracks and bullet scars on boulders, trees and other natural features, say's environment reporter Brian Maffley.

 Brian Maffley of The Salt Lake Tribune. 

“Increasingly in the summer months, conditions within Washoe County become fuel for fires associated with target shooting,” according to county staff. “Numerous fires have been started across the Western U.S. from target shooting, costing millions of dollars to suppress.”

The ordinance will allow the county manager and Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District Fire Chief to define which areas in the county would be off limits to target shooting.

Federal agencies already have the ability to restrict target shooting on federally managed lands.

The Earthstone fire in 2017 consumed 41,454 acres due to target shooting. Read More

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