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Amazon’s Top-Secret Game-Changer Might NOT Be Amazon

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If you own Amazon’s stock, know someone who does, or have even thought about buying it… there's something you need to know.

You see, there could be a king's ransom up for grabs as to what could be Amazon’s next game-changer makes its way outside of the company's secretive design lab in Sunnyvale California. But, Amazon's Top- Secret game-changer Might Not be Amazon.

Bloomberg has uncovered details of Amazon’s latest “top secret project..”

Amazon officials have refused to publicly comment on the project.

But some industry experts are convinced that Amazon’s secret project, codenamed “Project Vesta,” is just beginning to scratch the surface of an incredible tech revolution…

A revolution that McKinsey predicts could be worth $19.9 trillion.

And so yes…Amazon is ready to continue to dominate for the foreseeable future.

But you already knew that.

What most people don’t know…is that there is a tiny component powering this tech revolution…a component that Amazon doesn’t produce in-house.

Another company (less than 1/6th the size of Amazon)…is producing a component so powerful that it is absolutely annihilating the competition.

And with everything I’m hearing coming out of Silicon Valley and Wall Street…

I don’t feel like I’m very far out on a limb with this “bold” prediction:

Five years from now, you’ll probably wish you’d bought this stock.

 Article courtesy of Rex Moore,

for The Motley Fool

Reno Gazette-Journal

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