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High rents in Reno force some to turn to RV living

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by Kim Burrows

Penny Banks and her dogs have been living the RV life for several months. She's been parked at the Rivers Edge RV Park in Sparks for several months.

“That's what we're doing, we're saving money. And I don't have to work,” Banks said.

She's in one of the park's 164 spots right by the Truckee River off Rock Boulevard in Sparks. Alicia Siever, the park manager said people pay $425 a month for a spot and they've been full for about three years.

“We get a lot of variety of people. We have families who can't simply afford the rent prices, looking to downsize. We have retirees. We have those traveling for work,” Siever said.

She said they see a lot of Tesla workers as well as transient workers like plumbers and electricians.

Tight housing market

The housing market is tight and rent is expensive in the Reno-Sparks area. RV parks around town are full and have a long waiting list. RV living is a solution to that problem.

Banks said she's saving a lot of money living in her RV.

“Well, brick and mortar you're probably going to pay three times what we pay for space,” Banks said.

Marcos Reyes is also living in the Rivers Edge RV Park with his three kids and his wife.

“I was in a studio up in Sparks, we were paying almost a thousand dollars for a little studio,” Reyes said.

These are not your grandma's Rv park from the 1970s. Most of the parks in town have stores, pools and other amenities.

Saving money on a fixed income

Andy Anderson and his wife Beulah live across town at the Shamrock RV Park. They've been there for eight years. They pay $760 a month. It's important for the Anderson's to save money because they're retired, on a fixed income.

“The upkeep of a house is quite expensive and I'm getting so old I can't hardly do our lawns or things such as that if we had a house,” Anderson said. “If we lived in an apartment, even a one bedroom, we'd be paying more than we would here.

“The Anderson's have no plans to leave. Like most of the people who live in RVs, they're in love with the cheaper, simpler more convenient way to live. And If they don't like where they're living or who they're living next to — they can easily move.



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