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Reno Helps The Homeless

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The City of Reno and Volunteers of America of Northern California and Northern Nevada held a graduation ceremony today for seven members of the most recent class of the Reno Works program. It took place at Reno City Hall.

The 12-week program provides a group of Community Assistance Center homeless shelter residents with classes focused on life and job skills as well as providing temporary employment through community improvement projects in area parks, improving public facilities, and cleaning along the river.

“Including this class, we’ve had 65 people graduate from the program so far,” said Vice Mayor Neoma Jardon, who helped establish Reno Works, along with VOA Regional Director Pat Cashell. “Many homeless in our community just need the opportunity and the tools to improve their lives. Reno Works provides them those skills and that chance.”

The sessions also incorporate safety training, interview skills, long-term employment preparedness, wrap-around case management, mentoring and a ready-to-rent curriculum.

The City of Reno and VOA said that Reno Works was made possible by another generous donation from Eldorado Resorts Reno.

This round of Reno Works included integrated behavioral health classes provided by Community Health Alliance. This is to provide additional support for issues related to addiction and mental health, which is often a contributing factor as to why many become homeless.

“The Reno Works program has helped people in our community transition out of homelessness by empowering them to take control of their lives and feel the pride of standing on their own two feet,” Cashell said.

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For more information and to donate to the program, visit Reno.gov/RenoWorks.

Tiny Home Village For Reno’s Homeless

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Northern Nevada HOPES

The Reno City Council is doing its best to stay focused on how to help the burgeoning homeless population. Here's a look at some of the projects in the works.  Anjeanette Damon RGJ

Hope Springs will be located at 250 Sage Street near another dorm project for low-income residents. The two projects will be run separately and gated from each other, likely requiring Hope Springs residents to enter from Fourth Street.


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