Award-winning musician Martha Redbone to perform at the University

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Martha Redbone, a compelling voice in American Roots music, will perform for audiences of all ages during her visit to Reno Thursday, Feb. 27. Redbone’s featured performance will take place starting at 7:30 p.m. in Nightingale Concert Hall at the University of Nevada, Reno as part of the 59th season of the School of the Arts’ Performing Arts Series. 

Redbone and her six-piece band will perform “Bone Hill: The Concert,” a dramatic musical by Redbone and long-time collaborator Aaron Whitby, which exposes a never before told important piece of American history. 

Inspired by her ancestors, “Bone Hill: The Concert” tells of a woman’s epic return to her homeland, where her family has dwelled and struggled for centuries in the hills of coal-mining Appalachia. The contemporary Cherokee/Shawnee and African American family is permanently bonded to their culture, identity and the mountain despite its violent past and the ever-changing laws of the land that attempt to extinguish them. Redbone and a cast of jazz and blues singers inspire the audience as new revelations are unveiled.

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